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27-year-old writer based in London. Author of 'The View on the Way Down'.

Launch of The Followers at Slightly Foxed Books

On Monday night we celebrated the launch of The Followers at one of the most delightful independent bookshops in London: Slightly Foxed Books on Gloucester Road. If you haven’t already been, make sure you pay a visit – they have an … Continue reading

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Places that inspired The Followers

1. The moors I was taken to Dartmoor a lot as a little kid. Apparently we even used to camp there, which now sounds pretty horrifying. Although The Followers is actually set on the Yorkshire moors, I returned to Dartmoor twice more … Continue reading

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How to start your own cult in 5 simple steps

Using the expertise I gained whilst researching The Followers, I’ve made this handy video guide to help all you aspiring cult leaders out there. If you’re wondering why the picture’s a little grainy, it’s because I recorded it in my … Continue reading

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What do we mean by ‘cult’?

Is the word ‘cult’ is a bit dodgy? Whilst writing The Followers, I thought about this a lot. Certainly there are plenty of problems with ‘cult’ as a label. For starters, it’s often used too loosely, to refer to any group that is seen … Continue reading

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Writing about place

Until recently, location has never interested me much. I was vaguely aware when reading Wuthering Heights as a teenager that the story wouldn’t be quite as effective if it were set, say, in Milton Keynes, but beyond that I rarely bothered to … Continue reading

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How to talk about your novel without sounding like a weirdo

I can always see it coming, and it fills me with horror. The conversation is going well. I am being normal. Then the other person asks me what I do, and I tell them, shyly, that I am a writer. … Continue reading

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The joys of bookselling

I stopped by Wallingford Bookshop the other day, a superb independent bookshop which I recommend you visit if you’re ever in the area. I had a cup of tea and a chat with Alison, the delightful owner, and thought how … Continue reading

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